WooCommerce: See our 6 useful suggestions

Every WordPress WooCommerce eshop store owner has a goal – to sell more products and increase revenue for their company. However, increasing sales is not always easy, especially with the growing competition.

To help you, we have put together six suggestions – tips that can help you increase sales in your eshop.

1. Personalize the experience

Every customer is unique and should be treated this way. However, some of your customers stand out from the crowd.

These are the people who want a personalized experience from you. They want to be notified of any new products, discounts and special offers intended for them.

Customers want to have complete control over their purchasing process. If your online store does not provide a personalized shopping experience, customers will leave your site en masse because there are hundreds of other stores out there.

Providing personalized content
Content is still the king! To effectively retain customers, you need to develop quality content that brings positive emotions to your target audience. Some of the crucial aspects of a personalized content strategy are:

Identify your target audience and give them the content they are looking for.
Prepare material for important events, holidays and seasonality in the calendar, so that you have the opportunity to publish them before your competitors.
Stay informed and avoid content that sounds too aggressive for your sale.
Use the latest technology
The evolution of technology in e-commerce has changed the way consumers interact with brands. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, retailers can identify the needs of consumers and offer them customized solutions.

See how you can use technology to personalize an in-store experience:

Use the correct extensions
Be as flexible as possible with extensions, because WooCommerce offers you many custom solutions. There are hundreds of extensions that have been developed and you can personalize your store:

Let customers choose their own product delivery dates.

Delivery of orders is an amazing extension that allows your customers to set their own delivery dates based on estimated shipping times at their location. You can also exclude dates on which delivery is not possible.

Let users buy in their own currency.

With extensions such as currency exchange, your customers can choose their own currency. You can also set the default currency for specific geographic locations to help your customers see product prices and complete the purchase process in their local currency.

Maintain a relationship with customers
You need to keep your customer connection alive and well. This is essential for a successful personalization strategy. If you decide to ignore customers who do not respond to your messages, it will not help your company grow or receive more orders.

When it comes to personalization and relationships, see what you can do to improve them:

Contact your customers to see if they need help.
Send them personalized messages.
Give them special pricing packages.
Offer discounts.
Respond quickly to their messages.
Keep the tone of your messages and conversations personal.

2. Provide discounts

Customers love a good sale, and a discount is what you need to turn an indecisive buyer into a satisfied customer. With WooCommerce and its toolbox, you can generate discount codes and promotions.

A discount coupon code is a great way to generate more sales for your store. A code can be from 10% -30% of the price of the product or the total order, and there are not many people who will refuse a discount like this.

There are many discount options using WooCommerce extensions, such as the Smart Coupons extension.

3. Take advantage of emergency alert agents

Even a small addition to your WooCommerce store, such as installing a countdown timer or pop-up window, can lead to a significant increase in sales. The fear of loss is a reality for most buyers.

The idea is clear – urgency makes consumers buy fast. Lack is what drives them to act. It works perfectly. For example, people may not pay attention to an item if they know they could buy the product at any time. However, if the product is only available cheaply for a limited time, consumers are immediately excited.

With WooCommerce extensions like the XL WooCommerce Sales Trigger, you can set a timer on a product or category for a specific date and time and make any product available for purchase for a limited time.

4. Cross-Sell & Upsell

One of the best strategies that e-commerce giants like Amazon use is selling Upsell and Cross-Sell. These two types of sales are closely related.

With Upsell, you can sell a more expensive version of a product instead of what the customer originally intended to buy. Upsell is the reason why you will buy the sedan instead of the hatchback and why you will go on a three-day trip to Milan instead of a 7-day trip to your country.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is when you sell something that is related to the product but that the customer did not initially intend to buy. It’s a market-related product, but not something that a customer usually considers. For example, shoes. You can do cross-selling by adding a bag, a shelf to put the shoes on, a product to clean the shoes and so on.

5. Send newsletters regularly

The great email marketing for your WooCommerce store has the power to build relationships with your customers by sending them relevant emails with useful information at the right time, based on the buyer’s travel stage.

Email marketing is not just about emailing your subscribers about product promotions and sales. There are quite a few different emails that you have to send at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

6. Remarketing

No matter how much your products are in demand, most of your visitors will leave your online store without registering, buying, calling, downloading or interacting with your offer. Getting someone’s attention is not so easy. It is also much harder to retain a customer and push them into extra action.

This is where repetitive marketing comes in. Repeat marketing can reach people who have already shown interest in your products. When this happens, the ads are more likely to be clicked by potential buyers and visits to the WooCommerce store will increase.

Through repetitive marketing, you can bring your prospects back for a second, third or fourth time to turn them into customers. This brings your brand to the forefront of search engines in order to make it more noticeable to your target audience.

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. However, any profitable campaign, whether for e-commerce or not, must be carefully designed to remain cost-effective.


Here are some tips to help you get better WooCommerce ads in search engines:

Make sure your site works perfectly on mobile:

A / B test test the CTA (call to action), the titles and the structure of the landing page.
Set up conversion tracking to measure your campaigns and evaluate results.
Make the payment process simple and flawless. You do not want people making a purchase to leave if the process is complicated.
The above are sales tips that you should pay attention to if you want to increase sales and develop your online store. Although the competition is fierce, there is room for you if you optimize your WooCommerce site properly!

If you need extra tips and help in growing your business, do not hesitate to ask.


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