Who we are

the company

Some like social media, others like algorithms and data science. We just love digital. Full Stop! At Straton, we like to innovate and always operate outside the “comfort zone”. The only rule, that there are no rules!

Our Way of Getting the Job Done

We design and develop high quality WordPress websites. We emphasize the quality of development and design in order to achieve the ultimate in terms of aesthetics, security and speed of the website.


We are a dynamic team with experience in the construction of online stores (eshop) with long experience.

We are a team of WordPress (Web Developers & System Administrators) people determined to take care of their favorite WordPress performance software.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to WordPress. Some are freelance developers, some focus on system administrators, accessibility and project management. But the whole team has deep roots in the WordPress community.

”Good design always begins with user needs, boldly challenges existing solutions and creates business value for the customer.”

— Dimitrios N. Giannopulos, CEO

The Full Team Lineup

Dimitrios N. Giannopulos

Riina Kilk
#Development Manager

Laura Laanem
#Senior Account Manager

Elena Sidacheva
#Digital Marketing

Dedicated WordPress Team

Nikolai Azimov
#Senior Software Engineer

Vasilis Manousaridis
#Graphic Designer

Helena Mäeorg
#UX/UI Designer

Olha Halytska
#UX/UI Designer

Daria Kasatskaya
#Full-Stack Developer

Kerli Tootsmann
#Full-Stack Developer

Sergei Eensalu
#Full-Stack Engineer

Sara Antole
#Full-Stack Developer

Merili Palmkroon
#Full-Stack Developer

Stanislav Zhurylo
#Java Developer

Web Developers Team

Polly Makevnina
#Full-Stack Developer

Svetlana Sekotskaya
#Java Developer

Evgeniy Khlusov
#System Administrator

Vitaliy Meshchaninov
#Python Developer

Mikhail Kraevskii
#Python Developer

Karina Karnausenko
#Python Developer

Sergey Moiseev
#System Administrator

Anastasiia Bashkirova
#Full-Stack Developer

Artem Shevchenko
#Ruby on Rails Developer

Anna Voronova
#Full-Stack Developer

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