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Some like social media, others like algorithms and data science. We just love digital. Full Stop! At Straton, we like to innovate and always operate outside the “comfort zone”. The only rule, that there are no rules!

Geo-Informatics is the science and the technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geography, cartography, geosciences and related branches of science and engineering.

Straton she is ready of the Artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Way of Getting the Job Done

Straton plc. started its journey in November 2021 on a purely amateur basis, supported by amateur meteorologists*. In 2008, for the first time in the history of Greek meteorology, with a private initiative, Straton plc. began to install a wide network of weather stations, in various parts of the country. The data inform thousands of citizens throughout Greece on a daily basis about the real conditions prevailing in their area.


In 2015, Straton plc. acquires its own meteorological forecasting model, which is installed on its own servers. which is overseen by Physicist – Meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis, while the large network of correspondents throughout Greece is being completed, which conveys to us in real time what is happening, where it is happening, at the time it is happening. Give us the weather news from your area and feel what it’s like to share the passion of the weather with us. We are waiting for you to become a correspondent of Straton plc.

”Good weather forecast always begins with user needs, boldly challenges existing solutions and creates value for the people.”

— Dimitrios N. Giannopulos, CEO

Dedicated Weather Team

Head of Team

Dimitrios N. Giannopulos

CEO & Senior Geoinformatics Engineer

Clearchos Marousakis

Physicist – Meteorologist


George Papacostopoulos

Oceanographer / Analyst – Meteorologist

Amateur Meteorologists


Kostas Polychronis


Lefteris Sousos

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