Who we are

the company

Some like social media, others like algorithms and data science. We just love digital. Full Stop! At Straton, we like to innovate and always operate outside the “comfort zone”. The only rule, that there are no rules!

Our Way of Getting the Job Done

A new way of counseling…

Unlike traditional consultants, we are the ones who design and implement at the same time. We have strong know-how which we redeem in solutions that have immediate application and impact on the course of a company.


… based on data,

We recognize the importance of information, we know how and where to collect it, to process it and to turn it into understandable conclusions and actions for all those involved in a project.


that creates results!

We talk money! Our every action comes from well-designed ideas that are based on business data and produce real and measurable results.

”Good design always begins with user needs, boldly challenges existing solutions and creates business value for the customer.”

— Dimitrios N. Giannopulos, CEO