What if…?

The power to change the world of design often lies in issues that open up new perspectives that inspire people to boldly consider alternative futures and better solutions – better solutions for, for example, citizens, corporate customers, the environment, society and business. In particular What if? questions that shape existing conventions and sometimes even taste opportunities that seem impossible seem to be an open arena for the innovation of genuinely new solutions.


As a design agency specializing in strategic and multidisciplinary design, we have been asking for 20 years, sometimes crying questions that crystallize key challenges and opportunities, in order to get new value-added answers. We believe in holistic design, where strategically formulated issues and jointly defined goals for the future focus on inclusive conceptual work and produce effective and future-proof solutions. It was thus a design of a more functional city; building a relevant brand; designing a customer value-adding service or retail space, or even sustainable product innovation.


Over the years, we have grown as an office to cover ever-widening areas of design, from product design and visual identities to the design of organizations ’services and operating models. As the field of design expands, and the challenges for business and society become more complex, we have found ourselves shaping the hospital of the future, the focus on sustainable tourism, and the concept of potato growing in the same day. Noting at the same time that design is increasingly affecting all areas of society and life, and that strategic design thinking and design-driven, participatory methods of design can accelerate the construction of better futures.

We’ve also been asking ourselves recently about arousing and teasing What if? questions. Straton has grown into an early twenties, where many are known to wake up to reflect on their identity and life mission. In a rapidly changing world, the roles and responsibilities of design offices and designers are also changing. We have thought especially about our own purpose and stopped to think about what kind of future we are building with our work? And what kind of office are we, or are we a design office at all? What if we were a collective of design activists promoting sustainable futures, or even an open platform for multidisciplinary expertise and empathic co-development?

In addition to issues that open up new opportunities and futures, the secret superpowers of design include the open co-development and cross-pollination of expertise, empathy and foresight, and shared learning and sharing.

This blog is also built on these superpowers. We will write in a polyphonic and multi-pen style on current topics related to design and the effectiveness and benefits of design. We discuss sustainable urban design, future product and packaging design, and empathy as a radical force for change in design. We highlight bold solutions and solution-oriented people that build a better future. Above all, we hope this blog will serve as a place for empathetic encounters.


Or is this blog anyway? What if this together makes an open platform for learning and co-development?