TikTok and Instagram – The ultimate marketing duo for your eshop

TikTok and Instagram are two social media channels that entered our daily lives for good (they are basically sources of entertainment) and are points of reference in the marketing of online stores, which if used correctly can take off an eshop. Let’s get to know them and see why they are worth investing in.

E-commerce is recording leaps and bounds, as more and more professionals are investing in creating a modern and reliable eshop, while consumers are turning massively to online shopping.

However, this fact also creates conditions of intense competition, since there are now thousands of eshops trying to conquer their own audience and build a relationship of trust with their customers.

If you are looking for a way to attract new visitors to your eshop and increase your online store’s revenue then you should definitely focus on two popular social media: TikTok and Instagram.

The following guide includes a series of smart tips to turn TikTok and Instagram into “weapons” in the battle to attract new customers for your online store and increase its sales.

TikTok for eshop and why you should invest in it

Is TikTok profitable?
5 ways to create engaging content on TikTok

#1 – Funny content exclusively for TikTok
#2 – Follow the trends
#3 – Aim for it to go viral
#4 – Go live
#5 – Advertise yourself

Smart tips to take off an eshop with Instagram
#1 – Build an online community
#2 – Create content that sells
#3 – “Run” ads
#4 – Leverage Influencers Smartly
#5 – Smart and engaging descriptions
#6 – High quality videos and photos

Why you should invest in TikTok
Although TikTok is only a few years old, it managed to attract millions of users in a short period of time and is now one of the leading social media.

Today, TikTok is more than just a medium where we can watch or upload videos. It is a valuable tool for any brand, which can be used for direct sales, for building a strong corporate identity as well as as a means of communication with a company’s audience.

It is no coincidence that all major brands have turned their attention to TikTok and are creating advertising campaigns, building their own online communities within the said platform.

First, what you need is to create a company profile on TikTok and plan a step-by-step communication strategy.

TikTok ads now offer a plethora of options, allowing you to target a specific audience and see your eshop take off in no time.



Is TikTok profitable?
If companies like Nike, Addidas and Amazon are currently investing millions in TikTok ads then it means they are on to something very good.

TikTok is a particularly efficient means of promoting an eshop.

Just consider that 67% of TikTok users say the platform inspired them to make a purchase, even if they didn’t intend to buy anything. In fact, 74% of users watching a video – advertisement on TikTok decided to learn more information about a brand, while 66% stated that TikTok helped them decide what to buy.

For example, the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is one of the most popular on the platform, with over 11 billion views and is used by consumers looking for new products and businesses looking for a way to advertise.

So it’s obvious that if you don’t already have an active presence on TikTok, you should hurry up and start a business account.

5 ways to create engaging content on TikTok

Knowing how effective and efficient TikTok is, it’s time to spend time, study and organization in producing engaging content that will help you capture the attention of your eshop prospects and build an interactive relationship with them.

#1 – Funny content exclusively for TikTok
A mistake that many brands make is to use the same content on all social media.

Each social media is different and therefore needs different content.

Create smart, funny and original content to use exclusively on TikTok.

Users who are on TikTok primarily choose it for entertainment and funny – entertaining videos are always more popular.

#2 – Follow the trends
A quick and highly efficient way to “draw” people to your eshop is to use TikTok trends.

See what interests users and try to create content accordingly.

This way you will be able to climb quickly and instantly on TikTok and appear on more screens.

Of course, the most prudent and prudent thing is to choose which trends to follow. If something seems completely foreign to the philosophy and products of your eshop then the best thing to do is to avoid it, as it is possible that it will work in reverse.

#3 – Aim for it to go viral
The word viral is definitely misunderstood, especially when it comes to content that goes up on social media.

It’s definitely hard to go viral on TikTok, but it’s not impossible.

The more engaging, authentic and original your content is, the more likely it is to attract mass interest from other users.

There are examples of eshops that managed – by uploading a funny video of a cat trying their products – to quickly go viral, multiplying their sales!

So nothing is impossible, as long as you are creative, funny and not afraid to “wrinkle” the image of your brand.

#4 – Go live
Lives are especially popular on TikTok and can help you build your own online community.

Use them live to present your eshop products, communicate a new offer or answer any questions from other TikTok users.

You can establish a specific day of the week when you will host a live on TikTok, or experiment with different days and times until you find what works best.

#5 – Advertise yourself
Ads on TikTok are highly effective. Configure a specific budget for promotions on TikTok and “run” ads.

Create your target audience and select their individual characteristics and interests. This way you will be able to make the most of your advertising tools and attract users who are more likely to be interested in your eshop and products.

Monitor the performance of your ads and make changes or interventions.

In addition to TikTok Ads, you can partner with other users and co-create content or even partner with Influencers, gaining access to their audience.

Eshop and Instagram marketing smart tips to take it off


Instagram currently has over 1 billion users and is a leading means of promotion for any eshop. It is enough to consider that a large part of these users visit Instagram looking for products to buy online.

What you practically need is a proper marketing strategy that will make the most of all the digital tools that Instagram offers in an online store.

#1 – Build an online community
It is very important to build a relationship of trust and interaction with your audience on Instagram.
The fact that you want to promote an eshop and its products does not mean that you should be impersonal or treat your presence on said social media in a derogatory way.

Take some quality time to listen to your audience. Communicate with him and help him with any questions or problems he faces.

Upload content that will be original, engaging and useful to your audience.

Interact with your audience by replying to messages, comments and exchanging likes. Try to gain their trust and at the same time convince them of your reliability.

#2 – Create content that sells
However, your Instagram posts should be about selling.

Engage users by investing in creatively engaging graphics and text. Convince them that your products stand out and that it is worth looking for more information in your eshop and proceeding with purchases.

Just consider that the average Instagram user sees hundreds – if not thousands – of products in their feed every day, and what you need is a post that will make a difference and attract interest.

Tag the products your post mentions each time, and invest in the videos.

It is a fact that videos have more impact and you can see an immediate – and big – difference in your eshop sales by investing in the production of original and attractive videos for Instagram.

#3 – “Run” ads
Build your own online community and invest in producing engaging content on Instagram. However, don’t neglect the enormous power of ads.

Set up a budget for Instagram ads and plan your strategy step by step.

With ads you can promote your eshop products directly and quickly, while also targeting a specific audience, which is more likely to find your content attractive.

The most cost-effective is to combine different types of advertising and invest heavily in Instagram Story Ads, which attract a larger audience.

The more correctly you plan an advertising campaign, the more chances you have to increase the sales of your eshop and also gain new – loyal – followers on your Instagram page.

#4 – Leverage Influencers Smartly
Influencers remain to this day a highly effective way to promote an eshop and increase followers on your Instagram page.

What you need however is to use them in a smart way, always to your advantage.

The new trend wants the so-called micro-Influencers to be particularly popular for the promotion of products and online stores.

These are Instagram users who have small communities (with 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 followers). However, their audience seems to be more “loyal” and willing to accept the messages they convey.

So you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to get exposure through Influencers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

Just find the ones that have their own active community and appeal to an audience similar to your target audience.

If, for example, your eshop has clothes for sale, a micro-Influencer dealing with tech gadgets certainly can’t offer you much.

#5 – Smart and engaging descriptions
Great importance should also be given to the texts that accompany your posts on Instagram.

You need smart and attractive descriptions for the videos and photos you upload.

Invest in creating original content that breaks out of the ordinary while providing valuable insights to Instagram users.

A description of the style “sleeveless blouse price €19.90” falls significantly short of a description “The sleeveless blouse is in fashion this year and offers a great outfit option for a morning stroll or a relaxed evening out.

Discover our rich collection of sleeveless tops starting at just 19.90 euros and elevate your style and mood.”

The more information you give Instagram users about your products, the more you help them understand why they need them.

Of course, you don’t have to go to extremes, but keep your texts short and concise.
After all, your goal is to pique their interest and provide them with information, and not, of course, to bore them.

#6 – High quality videos and photos
Make sure the photos and videos you use in your posts are of high resolution and quality.

The ideal is of course material that you have created and not stock photos and videos.

In addition to needing high-definition content to capture the attention of Instagram users, it is important that the products depicted in the photos and videos are the ones that will actually be found in your online store.

In this way, you also increase the credibility of your eshop and your prospective customers are able to have an image of your products from the beginning, so that they can decide if they really satisfy them and if they really want to proceed with a purchase.


We believe that after reading our quite informative article you are ready to start your first TikTok and Instagram marketing campaign. With the above methods, you will reach a large number of people on these two social media channels, surpass your competition and increase the profitability of your eshop.

If you need extra tips and help in growing your business, do not hesitate to ask.


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