Specialized in
strategic and

Our design work strives for creating positive
impact and sustainable growth.

We have helped businesses for over 22 years to develop their customer understanding and value creating brands, services, operational models, products and spaces. We are an agile partner for designing customer-oriented strategies, facilitating co-creative concepting and ensuring quality outcomes.

How do we succeed in this mission together?

Using our business-acumen, empathy and bold creativity

”Good design always begins with user needs, boldly challenges existing solutions and creates business value for the customer.”

— Dimitrios N. Giannopulos, CEO

Using our business-acumen, empathy and bold creativity

Business acumen. Our work is impact-oriented: all of our services are aimed at developing the performance of your organization. We explore the externalities impacting your organization, prepare relevant scenarios for the future and point out where the potential to succeed is the highest.

Empathy. The key to actualizing future success is to put the relevant people first – whether they be customers, employees or other stakeholders. The design of engaging experiences requires that real individuals are kept at the core from planning to execution.

Bold creativity. Over 21 years of experience stands out in our original, resourceful thinking. We dare to challenge the status quo and come up with new ideas, tools and processes to create the outcomes that bring to life the experience you want people to encounter.

By upholding these three values, we have worked with clients big and small, in private and public sectors already since 2000.


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