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Interview with the founder of Straton In GRD  GRDiscovery

GRD – You studied Electrical Installation of Industrial Installations and Automation while since 1998 you have been dealing with web programming. How did this love for programming and hacking come about?


Straton – After the completion of my military obligations, from 2000 onwards, I entered the field of information technology. I started with Hacking, joining one of the biggest Hacking teams of the time, called S.N.D (Seek and Destroyed). The task of this team was to “break” software software with Crack Key Generators and Patch.

This group consisted mainly of experienced Russian programmers. I was very lucky at that time because I had Artem Ismailov, one of the big names in programming, as a mentor, a student at Bauman Moscow State Technical University at the time. A big thank you is the least I have to say to them. It is no coincidence that the Russians think OUT OF BOX. They can solve the craziest problems, especially on Servers.

GRD – We have all pretty much heard the term hacking, hackers and we have seen movies related to this topic. However, it would be good to determine what exactly we mean when we talk about hacking.


Straton – Basically we have to say how many types of Hackers there are. Well, there are 3 types: HACKER, CRACKER, LAMER. Let’s analyze them below:


A hacker is a person with advanced knowledge of computer security, networks, programming, etc.
This person enjoys acquiring new knowledge in addition to devoting himself to creating secure and operating systems. Although this type of computer scientist has the necessary experience to break systems, he would only do so to improve their security.


This term was born from crack which means: I break. CRACKERS are considered cyber criminals who have the knowledge to break into systems, decrypt encryption algorithms and steal information. Generally, they do it only because of the challenge it entails, but some of them can and do do it for profit or protest as well.


The Lamers are the most hated group of computer scientists. Usually, these are people who want to do Hacking, but who have no knowledge. They are “computer scientists” who do not have the knowledge to make their own tools and thus, dedicate themselves to the use of others. This makes them a very dangerous team, as they always try to break systems using software they do not fully understand.

GRD – How can one train as a hacker? Can he apply to the department of a University or does he have to look for it on his own through various communities that are already involved?


Straton – You do not study Hacking anywhere. You have to have it innate and read it every day. From 2000 to 2004 I was an active member. Basically, there are large Hacker groups on the Deep Web and Dark Web. For example, Anonymous is on the Dark Web and its main purpose is to cleanly attack websites with the DDOS ATTACK method (distributed denial-of-service attack, DDoS attack).

GRD – In 2004 you made a turn towards web development. Did this happen due to new market demands?


Straton – From 2004 onwards I quit Hacking and turned to web development. Since then, I started learning one of the best CMS, WordPress. At the same time I was learning about the Linux operating system.

I would say that I made this turn not just because of the demands, but mainly because of the passion for more on technology. At the same time, I expanded my knowledge on management systems, such as PLESK, and APACHE Server technology, NGINX.

GRD – We notice that you are constantly training and evolving! In the context of this dynamic, the company STRATON was created?


Straton – After 22 years of experience, in 2020 I started as a Freelancer in the construction of custom websites and web applications. From the beginning of 2021 I set up my own project, an internet provider.

Straton is a web agency company, with the main goal of building quality websites and internet applications as well as digital marketing. The Straton page targets ONLY the countries of the European Union. Straton is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.

GRD – What is the philosophy of STRATON?


Straton – The way we do a job is what makes us stand out. In essence, this is a new way of counseling. Unlike traditional consultants, we are the ones who design and implement at the same time. We have strong know-how which we redeem in solutions that have immediate application and impact on the course of a company. We recognize the importance of information, we know how and where to collect it, to process it and to turn it into understandable conclusions and actions for all those involved in a project.


Our goal is to create results!
Each of our actions comes from well-designed ideas that are based on business data and produce real and measurable results. We use our business acumen, empathy and bold creativity for the benefit of the customer.

Our work is oriented as follows: all our services aim at developing the performance of your website. We explore the externalities that affect your website, prepare relevant scenarios for the future and point out where the greatest chances of success are.

GRD – Tell us about the services you offer.


Straton – We provide technical support and design websites and eshop with CMS WORDPRESS. Basically, we choose our clients to complete a project. WE DO NOT SAY YES TO EVERYONE.

GRD – Tell us about the services you offer.


Straton – We provide technical support and design websites and eshop with CMS WORDPRESS. Basically, we choose our clients to complete a project. WE DO NOT SAY YES TO EVERYONE.

GRD – Where can we find you?


Straton – Straton offers online internet consulting services. Do not hesitate to ask us about anything related to your existing page or a NEW project that you have in mind.

To say a big thank you to GRD for the friendly interview, to you Ioanna and Prodromos, of course to all the children of GRD.


Interview, Ioanna Papamichael – GRD